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Chicony power is a company with excellent financial background. Focused on the field of energy technology, we are a company with high efficiency and actively growing. There are over 35,000 workers in Chicony Group, with overall annual revenue over 2.5 billion dollars. (NTD$ 80,000,000,000) Global headquarter located in Taipei, with retailers worldwide.

Chicony Group

Capital: USD$ 215M
Turnover: USD$ 2.5B
Employees: 35,000

High Efficiency Motors,
Effectively Using Power
Motors consume up to 50% of the world’s electricity usage. Therefore, it is the foundation of energy saving and reducing carbon
emissions. EMT was established with the purpose of providing high efficiency electric machinery, allowing the human race to
use resources more efficiently.We are focused on the highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors, supplying mainly
IE4⁺ motors. We are committed to provide motors with high quality, customization and competitiveness.
Striving to save resources and reduce carbon emissions, creating together a better tomorrow for our planet.

Convert electricity into power

Convert electricity into power

Your Choice,
Make Our World
Choose our high-performance motor, increase your product’s competitiveness.
Use IE4⁺ motors, lower energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions.
Environment friendly, IE4⁺ motors are your smart and responsible choice
for both you and our earth.
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